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Learn How To Cricket To Your Feet | Beginning Breaking Tutorial

Learn How To Baby Freeze to Elbow Baby Freeze | Intermediate Breaking Tutorials

Professional Dancers Need Health Insurance

How To Shuffle Glide | Rawbzilla (Originality Stands Alone/MMC) | Intermediate Breaking Tutorial

Bboy Rawbzilla (Originality Stands Alone / Master Movements Crew) | Pasadena, CA

BBoy Wilpower (Air Force Crew) | Los Angeles, CA

Learn How To Coffee Grinder To Windmill | Wilpower (Air Force Crew) | Intermediate Breaking

Learn How To Pilot To Pilot Freeze | Stack Basics | Intermediate Breaking Tutorial

How To Breakdance | Footwork Combination | Master Ace (Master Movements, Los Angeles)

Sometimes I Feel Like | FEW UNDERSTAND

Learn A 5 Min Leg Warm Up | Rising Kicks & Crescent Kicks

Learn How To Critical | OG Fresh (LA Breakers) | Intermediate Breaking Tutorial

Learn How To Plan Your Day Effectively | Time Management

Learn How To BBOY/BGIRL | Hook To Colt To Reverse Coffee Grinder | Footwork Combination

When The Crowd Is So Hyped You Can't Hear The Music | Bboy Vincanity

The City Of Brotherly Love | Break Philly

Breaking In South LA | Give Back

Bruno Mars - Perm | Tiffany "Jimini" Bong

B-Boying & B-Girling In The Youth Olympics

Learn The Hop, Stop, Kick Footwork Drill | Metal (Rep Styles / Hip Hop Fundamentals)

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