Inga meets Archie Burnett


Inga gets to meet a great influence in the dance scene in the form of Archie Burnett. Watch the interview as they discuss the the differences in generations, evolution of dance and club culture. Time stamps are below if you want to skip ahead in Archies interviews

Date: Thursday, 10 September 2015
Location: Simple Studios, NYC, USA
Interviewee: Archie Burnett
Interviewer: Inga Be (Funk Stylers Television)

1:20-5:55 What people are missing out on when they don’t go to the club/party?
5:56-14:28 Archie Discusses the connection to music, different generations dancing together, the term “lofting”
14:29-17:00 How to apply what you’ve learned to who you are?
17:01-25:52 Advantages and disadvantages within evolution and innovation of the dance
25:53-32:47 What role do the older generations play and what role should they play in the development of younger dancers
32:48-36:20 Connection and community, resurgence of the social aspect in the club culture, understanding the culture

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