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Welcome to my blog on FunkStylers.tv: MANNY’S CORNER

In life I am Emmanuel Adelekun, a Writer, Bboy, Martial Artist and Traveler.

In the Hip Hop, Bboy dance scene I am know as Manny; a member of Soul Mavericks crew from London England, and also a member of La Familia crew, my first and original breaking crew, also from London.

As a Writer people also know me as, the Vivid Scribe, as I am all about capturing the energy, vibe and feeling of those moments which truly speak to your mind, body and soul, with my words.

This Blog wills be my vivid words on the experience and vibe of being a part of the Hip Hop culture, and dance scene.  I’ll be posting pieces on what it means to be a dancer on this scene, travelling the world, competing, jamming and partying.  I’ll also be writing pieces on ways to improve things in your dance, suggestions on improvements in the scene, and pieces on how the Hip Hop dance scene is growing and changing.

I hope you enjoy my posts, and will comment, share and let me know what you think.

And many thanks to Funkstylers.tv for giving me a platform to share more of my words from.

Much love, peace, hip hop, growth, respect and perspective.


AKA Bboy Manny (Soul Mavericks Crew)

AKA Vivid Scribe

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About Author

Writer, Bboy, Traveler, Martial Artist. As a Writer I love to express my passions through words, bring perspective and capture moments. As a Bboy I have been breaking for over 10 years. I've travelled to, cyphered, jammed and competed at, small jams, cypher events, and major big scale competitions all over the world, but still have a lot of place I still want to see.

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